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Affordable website and email hosting.

Features & Benefits.
One simple hosting plan for your website & email
Unlimited traffic*
Unlimited email addresses**
Supports SQL Databases
Tick POP3 and webmail supported
FREE web stats
Email SPAM filtering

HostingYour internet domain hosted on our servers.

It’s a business essential to have your own website domain and email but you don’t necessarily have your own servers, so take advantage of our business grade servers in first rate data centres.

websiteHosted websites with unlimited traffic*.

If you have an existing website then you can simply upload it to our servers and enjoy our first rate data centre offering all the security of complete redundancy and fail-over backups.

emailHosted mail with POP3 and webmail access.

Every domain has two sides enabling you to have your own website and email addresses under your own domain. Nothing makes you look more unprofessionaly that you@bigISP.com.au

Monthly Access


Storage Capacity



 Database Sub Domains 
 $15  Personal  3GB  8GB

10 email accounts, 1 email list

 0  1
 $20  Small Biz  5GB  15GB

100 email accounts, 10 email lists

 5  3
 $30  Big Biz  10GB  80GB

Unlimited email, 20 email lists

 10  10
 $40  Extreme  30GB  Unlimited Unlimited email  10  15
OpenThings you should know. Please click on the 'Download the Critical Information Summary' link below. 

1.The following Terms and conditions apply for Web Hosting Services. 2.All prices quoted is inc GST. 3.The unlimited data transfer option is only available on Extreme Plan. 4.Unlimited email accounts are only available on Extreme and Biz plans. 5. You will comply with all other laws and regulations, including (but not limited to) the Telecommunications Act 1997, the Privacy Act 1988, the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and the Trade Practices Act 1974. 6.The minimum contract term applies for all product options. 7.Early termination charges are applicable in event of a breach in contract. 8. You agree to standard Service provider Terms and Conditions.

Broadband & Bundles
per month

Choose between Fast (1.5Mbps) or Fastest Broadband (8Mbps or 20Mbps) and get speeds as fast as your line can go.
Business Broadband
per month

Business Grade Broadband with Service level Agreements ensuring 99.3% uptime Guarantee. Take advantage of ADSL2+ speeds up to 24MBps, or as fast as your line can handle.

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